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Project Description

The Missilery System SAM II, built by the Soviet Union, was mounted on an army track designed by ZIL. SAM II was equipped with a ramp that was tilted before launch and with a exhaust emissions protection placed in the back. It was also equipped with a missile, called SA 2, produced starting from 1956. Since then, this missile has been the most used one all over the world.

The missilery system also had a radar called “Fan Song”. The Fan Song is the NATO reporting name for SNR-75 series of trailer-mounted E band/F band and G band fire control and tracking radars.

The missile, during its lost lasting career, has always been improved and updated. The last ones used were white, without wings on the top and without any surface of control of the booster.

The missilery system SAM II was produced in around 4,000 units by the Soviet Union and was exported in many countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Syria, Vietnam and Jugoslavia.

There is also a naval version of the missile, called SAN II

Length: 10.7 mt

Booster diameter: 0,7 mt

Missile diameter: 0,5

Booster wingspan: 2,2 mt

Missile wingspan: 1,7

Weight at launch: 2300 kg

Top part weight: 130 kg