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MiG-21 MF “Fishbed-J”

////MiG-21 MF “Fishbed-J”
MiG-21 MF “Fishbed-J” 2018-05-03T16:25:37+00:00

Project Description

MiG-21 MF “Fishbed-J”

A multi-purpose single-seater fighter developed in 1967 and assigned to Soviet operational squa-drons in 1972. This is one of the last of the 24 diffe-rent versions of this famous Russian plane to be produced. The 1iG-21tv1F was faster and more powerful than previous versions, mainly due to its Turnanskii R-13-300 turbo-jet, whi-ch delivered a thrust of 6,600 kg.

The plane displayed here has the markings of the former East German air force, and it flew with the Jagdfliegergeschwader 3 Vladimir Komarow squadron based at the airport of Preshen, to the north-east of Dresden, not far from the Polish border. The 0-shaped emblem beneath the number 772 indicates the high techni-cal and operative efficiency of the fighter squadron.