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Lockheed T-33A

////Lockheed T-33A
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Project Description

Lockheed T-33A

The Lockheed T-33, pro-duced in both single-sea-ter and two-seater ver-sions, was developed di-rectly from F-80 Shooting Star, and soon after its appearance it became one of the most popular training pla-nes for the air forces of NATO countries. It first flew on 22 March 1948, and 5691 aircraft were built in a single year. In autumn of 1952 the first delivery of 70 T-33’s reached Italy, where they were assigned to the Jet Flight Training Centre at Amendola Airport (Foggia). They were replaced by Fiat G.91T’s in August 1965. The T-33 was later used as an in-strument trainer.

A liaison aircraft and a target tower. The main countries in which the T-33 served were the United Sta-tes. Canada, Japan, France,Turkey and Italy,. The Italian Air Force defitively phased out the T-33 on 31 March 1982. The plane displayed carries the insignia and identification num-bers of Gunnery Standardization Centre based at Decimo-mannu in Sardinia.